Welcome to Fabulously Fit and Fine. There are many things we like, a few we love: Healthy Food (especially Ghanaian and African), Looking Good, and Staying Fit! This is what this site is dedicated to.

We are crazy about Beauty, Fitness and Nutrition in the Ghanaian/African context. Along those lines, we provide tips on these topics and showcase the kinds of foods you can eat to stay healthy. We’d like to answer the questions – What healthy African/Ghanaian foods are out there and how do we share them with the world? What are the unique ways Africans/Ghanaians can become and maintain their fitness? How can Africans/Ghanaians stay beautiful? What are our foods and how can we use them to help us live long? All of these without breaking the bank!

We also have a running club, RACE Ghana if you are the running type.

You will find recipes (mostly Ghanaian and African), a fitness directory to help you locate where all the trainers are, and blog posts to help you stay Fabulously, Fit and Fine!

We believe however Beauty, Fitness and Health are all a feeling. It is the presence of mind, a strong body, and a glow from the inside out. It’s being comfortable in your own skin. It’s a lifestyle. Our goal is to make beauty, fitness and health your lifestyle, through articles and personalized advice. We know you’re busy, so no fluff. Just cutting edge info to help you stay healthy, fit,  and beautiful.

Visit us often for some deliberations on these and more! Leave your comments, share with your friends on social media and if you dare, be a contributor!

Have ideas or questions for us? Send us an email at [email protected]

Fabulously Yours!


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