A Worthwhile Experience – Shevon Baddoo

I first heard about Insanity about 2 years ago. A friend told me about it but didn’t check it out then. When I heard there was a free session not to far from my home, I decided to take up the challenge. Boi, was it the challenge? I initially tried to get a friend to […]

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Insanity MAX30 – Startd April 24, 2017 Ispace Foundation – 6.30-7pm M-F

Hello Gang! Hope you had a lovely Easter break! Kudos to all the brave hearts who embraced the original insanity in November 2016, our follow up session in February 2017, as well as the T25 workouts. We will be resuming the next exercise program, Insanity Max30, also part of the insanity family. The program will […]

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Work Your Body Like It‘s a Sports Car – Anna A. S. Brown

Day one: What a great idea! Let’s do this, folks! Day two: Ok, is this Sean T serious? Like … I mean … what??? Day three: I.am.in.pain! Day four: MAMA! What seemed to be a fun idea quickly turned serious and painful, yes painful. Was it worth the Monday through Friday affair? YES! It was […]

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The Last Seven Pounds – Afua Entsuah

  When I first started insanity, I must admit that I had less than noble ambitions- it wasn’t to meet new people, or to have fun and work out in a team atmosphere, or to even get into a routine of exercising consistently- nope, I JUST WANTED TO LOSE WEIGHT!  #sorrynotsorry.   Before I started […]

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Racing Against The Clock – Eno Abena Effah

I started working out about two years ago because I wanted to be more fit and active: my lifestyle was way too sedentary. I joined a gym; and for three nights a week, I was in both bodyweight and weighted group exercise sessions. Although I’d seen Insanity videos I always thought, ‘That’s insane!’ (pun intended). […]

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For the Love of Abs – George Ampratwum

I live for the end of the insanity program every season because its an excellent time to decipher whether expectations have changed. George initially thought insanity would be a piece of cake, was it? Find out below: I thought I was fit until I joined the Shaun T’s Insanity workout. Before Insanity, I enjoyed running, […]

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The Marks Of An Insane Woman – Benedicta Selassie

Just like Benedicta, a lot of people have good excuses… such as morning workouts not being their thing. Well, that’s why we came up with morning and evening sessions. Benedicta, in addition to not being that morning person, was also scared by what seemed like massive pain from the face of a colleague who arrived […]

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Insanity Diaries Freda Yawson

It really feels like years when I think of when I came up with the idea to start insanity workouts in Accra. Come to think of it, I have been doing insanity for 180 days!!! I know I am a fitness fanatic but I wouldn’t have believed it if someone had told me I’d do […]

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I Hate Exercising; I really Do, But I did This – Buddy Buruku

I hate exercise. I really do. I mean, I find it rather pointless lifting a weight just to return it to its original position. Swinging an arm only to put it right back where I started. And the pain. oh, the pain. I don’t enjoy that at all. Like, why does anyone do that to […]

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How My Back Pain Disappeared – GODWIN AVENYO

Working out has never been my thing; the first time I did a proper workout was this Insanity program. The experience was like learning to jump from a plane with parachute. I didn’t know what to benchmark it to, nor did I know the results to expect. However one thing I remember is the trauma […]

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