Work Your Body Like It‘s a Sports Car – Anna A. S. Brown

Day one: What a great idea! Let’s do this, folks!

Day two: Ok, is this Sean T serious? Like … I mean … what???

Day three:!

Day four: MAMA!

What seemed to be a fun idea quickly turned serious and painful, yes painful. Was it worth the Monday through Friday affair? YES! It was worth all the pain and sweat! After a few days, the pain caused by sore muscles slowly subsides and are replaced by  a feeling of “im up to something.“  To me, it was a daily reminder to myself that I can overcome anything, including my weaker self.

Welcome to Pure Madness – Let’s be frank here, the insanity programme is pure madness.To get up before the chickens do,  not once or twice a week, but Monday through Saturday, to jump around for one hour: kick-jumps, in and outs, jumping jacks, push-up-jump-ups, squat jumps, high knees, you name it! Finding myself soaked in sweat made me ask myself every morning why the heck I kept doing this to myself.

Super Human Status Loading – But I soon saw the benefits. I felt stronger and learned a lot about myself as I sometimes amazed myself by my ability to push beyond what I thought I was capable of.  And yes there were times when I felt exhausted and just sat  and thought about just quitting, but those thoughts quickly dissapeared because like I said before, I was up to something!

Camaraderie – What helped other than the fact that I was pushing beyond limits and getting stronger was the commadrie! We had an amazing group dynamics! The feeling that we were all in this together but still pushing and supporting each other was unbelievably motivating!

Flexibility – I became more flexible. The daily stretching which you normally look down on  became very important for me. It helped me avoid injury, severe muscles crumps, and just increased my flexibility.

Nutrition – I mean, it’s somehow clear, if you want to drive a sports car and enjoy the engine potential to the fullest, you reach for the best engine oil and high-quality fuel. Your car is not running on water. The same principle applies to our body. Your workouts only go as far as your diet. Eating a small banana before working out helped me through the strenuous phases.

Insanity was an incredibly great and enjoyable experience for me and  I’m looking forward to the next thing, until then let’s not forget to Keep.The.Core.Tight!

Sincerely, Sarah Jane, AKA, Anna Brown!


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