A Worthwhile Experience – Shevon Baddoo

I first heard about Insanity about 2 years ago. A friend told me about it but didn’t check it out then. When I heard there was a free session not to far from my home, I decided to take up the challenge. Boi, was it the challenge?

I initially tried to get a friend to sign up with me just because it’s better in numbers, yea that did not happen.

The first day was the fitness test, which I thought wasn’t bad at all. Subsequently, the workout sessions became longer and more challenging. A few ache and pain here and there. You would think that will stop me, but I had become addicted to the workouts!

I looked forward to it every weekday and was usually one of the first people there. Ready for Shaun T’s instructions on how to torture myself!!

I loved meeting dedicated people who motivated me to keep pushing my limits. The comments from friends and family on my new body were also evidence of the effectiveness of the program. My body looked more toned. I am so so glad I signed up for Insanity and would highly recommend it. It was a worthwhile experience!

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